ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Editor John Gilroy Says He And Brother Tony "Made A New Story" With Reshoots

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story editor John Gilroy has elaborated on director Tony Gilroy's sweeping changes to the 2016 movie, confirming that they ended up completely reshaping the troubled blockbuster.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story served as the first of what was intended to be many spinoff movies, and with positive reviews and over $1 billion at the box office, it was definitely a hit. 

However, behind the scenes, things didn't go quite so smoothly. While Godzilla director Gareth Edwards was tasked with helming the movie, Tony Gilroy (who now serves as Andor's showrunner) was enlisted to oversee extensive reshoots that made sweeping changes to the blockbuster. 

Some of those changes are evident from Rogue One's trailers, with scenes featuring characters who should already be dead still alive and well or Jyn Erso squaring off with a TIE Fighter. Now, editor John Gilroy has shared new details with The Playlist about how he and his brother Tony didn't just make small adjustments; they reshaped an entire movie. 

"I don’t know how much I’m supposed to say about that, was really changing things and using all the tricks in your bag as an editor to make things work however you need to make them work, you make them work."

"The basic plan was very simple," he continued. "They had the movie that they had and they called Tony in. And Tony huddled for a while with another editor, who was on already, Colin Goudie, and used a lot of the things that he had discovered when we were working together and just basically made a new story. It was quite a different story."

"And then [he] convinced Disney to invest in that story, which was a sizeable investment in time and money. And then it was just realizing what that was. So, it’s a new plan. You’re not just going in and experimenting. No, we had a new blueprint."

Gilroy would go on to say that he never really paid much attention to what the other version of Rogue One looked like and noted that the "trajectory" of the story needed to be completely changed. As suspected, though, it sounds like the biggest issues were with Rogue One's third act.

"A lot of big features, they go in, they have a weak third act, and then they shoot it, and then they see what they have, and then they go back for all these gigantic reshoots, and yeah...that’s a very expensive way of working. I mean, you can’t do that in television."

Edwards hasn't spoken too openly about his Rogue One experience, but it's apparent the movie was taken out of his hands and transformed by another filmmaker. That has to hurt, but this was just the first of what's proven to be many creative differences Lucasfilm has had with directors over the years (Phil Lord & Chris Miller, Colin Trevorrow, and Patty Jenkins, for example). 

Will we ever learn what Rogue One originally looked like? Probably not, but it's certainly possible. 

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