THE MANDALORIAN Season 3 Trailer Breakdown - All The Biggest Moments And Reveals Explained!

The latest trailer for The Mandalorian season 3 was packed full of huge reveals, and we're now taking a closer look at all of those in order to bring you an in-depth breakdown of the newly released footage!

The Mandalorian season 3 is fast approaching, and the latest trailer for the Disney+ series is full of huge talking points.

With Din Djarin no longer searching for a Jedi to return Grogu to, their mission is shifting gears as the bounty hunter looks to reunite his people and potentially restore Mandalore...all while regaining his own status as a Mandalorian. There's a lot of story still to tell in this next batch of episodes, and this sneak peek offers plenty of exciting hints about what's to come. 

In this breakdown, we take a closer look at all those huge reveals, singling out some Easter Eggs and blink-and-you'd-miss-them moments that promise to be key when it comes to where The Mandalorian goes next.

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10. From Jedi To Mandalorian

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Grogu decided to forego his Jedi training so he could be reunited with Din Djarin, and this trailer makes it clear he's now being taught the ways of a Mandalorian. 

While we don't necessarily expect The Child to don a helmet anytime soon (that little face is way too cute to cover up), we can't help but wonder what future stories Lucasfilm might be considering setting the stage for here. 

We're jumping ahead, but at the end of this trailer, it's established that Grogu is very much still capable of using the Force. It seems his brief time with Luke Skywalker may have made him even more formidable...

9. Nevarro Is Thriving

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With the remnants of the Empire sent packing during season 2, Nevarro is clearly thriving under Greef Karga's leadership. The town has rapidly expanded, though there's no sign of his Marshall, Cara Dune. 

We still don't know how The Mandalorian plans to explain her disappearance, but Gina Carano is unlikely to ever be welcomed back by Lucasfilm or fans at this point. 

Karga seems to be doing just fine, though, and confirming this is indeed Nevarro is the stage of IG-11 that was created to honour his sacrifice at the end of the show's first season. 

8. The Ruins Of Mandalore

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What is this ruined dome-like building? We believe that's Mandalore's Sundari, a city enclosed within a bio-dome that allowed the Mandalorians to survive the planet's harsh conditions. 

You may recall Death Watch taking this over during The Clone Wars, only for it to become the site of a civil war between the various factions after Maul took charge of the group for his own nefarious means. 

It's unclear how much of that will be explored in The Mandalorian, but like the rest of the planet, it's been completely decimated after the massacre dubbed the Night of a Thousand Tears. 

7. Return To Tatooine

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Din and Grogu bid farewell to Tatooine after lending The Book of Boba Fett's title character a helping hand. However, they're clearly set to return to the planet. 

Luke Skywalker's homeworld has become a recurring presence in this series and Peli Motto is shown bidding her friends another farewell in this sneak peek. Regardless of why they're here, this has to mean we're getting a Boba Fett cameo!

That's a big assumption, yes, but we have to believe there's a good reason for them coming back here, especially if Mandalore is taking centre stage in season 3. 

6. Dr. Pershing On Coruscant

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Dr. Pershing doesn't necessarily seem like a bad guy, but he certainly seems happy enough working for them. Quite clearly an expert in cloning, all signs point to him being instructed to make use of Grogu's Midi-chlorians to create...something. 

Considering the fact Supreme Leader Snoke was a failed Emperor Palpatine clone - with the villain himself forced to exist in a body too weak to contain his essence - we may finally get some long-overdue answers here. 

Just as interesting, though, is Pershing's presence on Coruscant and the fact we're finally set to return to the planet. Lucasfilm has kept us waiting, and not finally revealing what became of the Jedi Temple would be a real missed opportunity. 

5. Captain Carson Teva Returns

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Prior to Gina Carano's social media meltdown, Lucasfilm had plans to move forward with a spin-off series titled Rangers of the New Republic

We're not sure how necessary that was, but it would have likely provided further insights into the Galaxy post-Return of the Jedi, with Paul Sun-Hyung Lee's Captain Carson Teva bound to have also come into play. 

While we missed out on that, he is in The Mandalorian season 3 and issues Din Djarin a dire warning here. Teva may be referring to the rise of the First Order, Palpatine's return, or perhaps even a certain Grand Admiral...

4. Order 66 Flashback

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Lucasfilm has slowly teased Grogu's origins, but answers may finally be heading our way later this year. We know he was in the Jedi Temple on the night Order 66 was enacted, and these Jedi are clearly trying to protect him. 

It's still unclear who rescued The Child that night and how he came to the attention of Moff Gideon and the rest of the Empire. Those are some big questions, as is who might be on the other side of that door. 

There's a chance it's just Clone Troopers looking to kill the Jedi as their programming dictates, but what if it's Anakin Skywalker? This would be a perfect place to give Hayden Christensen a cameo in the series! 

3. Battle Droids

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While Din's stance on droids has clearly softened since season 1 (primarily thanks to IG-11), we'd hazard a guess that he's still not a huge fan. 

With that in mind, he probably isn't going to be too happy encountering a cantina full of them, though there are some patrons we couldn't help but have our eyes drawn to. Yes, those are indeed Battle Droids from the Star Wars prequels!

We're assuming they overcame their programming and now live their own lives, but on what planet would it be acceptable for droids to congregate in a social setting like this? We can't wait to find out. 

2. Mandalorians Unite

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A running theme throughout this trailer is the fact Mandalorians are uniting to seemingly retake Mandalore. It's a wasteland that Din doesn't appear too keen on revisiting, but it may still be key for his people. 

As of right now, he wields the Darksaber, making him their rightful leader. While Bo-Katan Kryze surely has something to say about that, Mando may be using this as a chance to reunite his scattered brothers and sisters so they can again stand tall. 

Paz Vizsla is back after failing to take the blade for himself, but who is this army squaring off with? We don't know, but have to imagine it's the Empire's remaining forces. 

1. Babu Frik

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was not a good movie, but it introduced a lot of interesting ideas and characters. If The Mandalorian can go some way in better explaining those, then we're all for it. 

That appears to be Babu Frik, the Anzellan droidsmith we first met in Episode IX. It could be he runs that cantina, giving the droids he repairs a chance to relax free of servitude while he carries out their necessary repairs. 

There are going to be other Anzellans in the show, and as divisive a movie as The Rise of Skywalker was, we can't complain about Grogu and Babu potentially sharing the screen! 

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