THE MANDALORIAN "The Convert" Concept Art And Spoiler Stills Highlight That Surprise Trip To Coruscant

Following perhaps the most unique episode of The Mandalorian to date, we have new stills and concept art from "The Convert" that put the spotlight on both that epic ariel action sequence and Coruscant...

Well, that episode was certainly a refreshing change of pace, eh? 

"The Convert" felt more like Andor than The Mandalorian, but offered a fascinating glimpse at what life is like for those who served the Empire prior to Emperor Palpatine's apparent demise. It's not something we've given too much thought to over the years, with the prevailing theory being that anyone who considered themselves an Imperial were simply killed or imprisoned. 

It's important to note, of course, that many of them were doing what they believed to be the right thing and putting the spotlight on Doctor Pershing meant getting up close with the people who sought redemption after the Empire's fall. 

In these newly released stills from Chapter 19, we see more from this Pershing subplot (which we're assuming will be the end for him) and The Mandalorian's unexpected trip to Coruscant. 

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Concept art from the end credits also showcases how the series put a new spin on Coruscant...after all, we haven't properly visited the planet since the Star Wars prequels. Yes, a good chunk of Andor was set there, but that was pretty soon after the rise of the Empire, meaning we've never really seen how much the planet changed later in the franchise's timeline. 

Colin Trevorrow's Episode IX would have spent a decent amount of time there, revealing that it had fallen under The First Order's control, but J.J. Abrams took that movie down a different route. 

"The Convert" didn't really deliver a major twist as such - we all saw that coming with Elia, right? - so we still don't know whether Moff Gideon was trying to clone Emperor Palpatine, create Supreme Leader Snoke, or something else altogether. The Mandalorian is taking its time with that subplot, though, so we don't anticipate answers for a while yet. 

Check out new concept art and stills from The Mandalorian's latest episode by clicking the "Next" button below.






















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